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NASA May Come Back U-Tapao Next Year

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) issued another statement yesterday, saying their plan to conduct a weather research mission at U-Tapao naval base may be revisited next year. NASA spokesman Steve Cole said that currently, no decision has been made on whether NASA will be able to fly the mission next year or sometime […]

Remove 40 Pattaya’s Coconut Ghosts

Especially those in search of companionship for a price, are now affectionately known as Coconut Ghosts and the 40 transsexuals were charged with loitering with intent to commit a crime. This charge offers a maximum fine of 100 Baht which each transsexual paid before being released back on to the streets to presumably continue whatever […]

Karaoke Bar Employee Jump Off Pattaya Apartment

On Monday the Police were called to the Baan Chichar Apartments and eventually persuaded Khun Supasan is 21 year old,a Karaoke Bar employee to come down from the roof. He revealed how he rented a room at a neighboring apartment block and Police suspect he may have been under the influence of narcotics. Khun Supasan […]

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya win FIFDA Award

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya win award of the FIFDA medical centre of excellence, the first time the award has been bestowed in Thailand.

Police Arrest High Low Gamblers in South Pattaya

Thai police arrested 74 gamblers along with equipment at an old restaurant in South Pattaya road while playing High-Low. The police was able to record only 13 names and seize some of the gambling equipment.

Siam@Siam Hotel Second Fully Owned Property in Pattaya

Siam@Siam will expand its hotel portfolio to include a second fully owned property in Pattaya due to open in February 2013 at an estimated build cost of 1 billion baht. In Pattaya, the 25-floor hotel located of Pattaya Sai 2 Road near Central Festival will have 268 rooms of around 34 sq m each. Its […]

Police Arrest Two Ladyboys Criminals in Pattaya

Mr. Ryoichi Tsuchimura is 42 year old from Japan who is the victim, together with the two captured, lady boys suspects: Mr. Jaroen Munkong is 25 year old from Petchaboon and Mr. Jantakarn Somprandee is 18 year old from Lampang . Mr. Jamlong, the motorbike taxi rider said, that before incident occurred as he was […]

Democrat wants Clarification on NASA Proposal U-Tapao Airport

Mr. Chawanon Intarakomalyasu, the Democrat Party spokesperson, revealed to the media that, in regards to the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) request to use the U-Tapao International Airport as a base for conducting studies on the atmosphere, that the opposition is not impeding operations, but is only asking that more details of […]

Found Caught A Thief at Pattaya Soi 9

The pattaya police notified that the locals at Pattaya Soi 9, second Pattaya Road had caught a thief. Mr. Rang is the suspect, is about 30 year old was unconscious on the ground. Allegedly beaten by vigilantes who had take the law in their own hands. Mr. Vichean Khanarbkaew is 36 year old is one […]

Pattaya Immigration Police Arrest 100 Beggars All Over Pattaya

Pattaya Immigration Police arrested 97 beggars Cambodians ,Burmese and Laotians who had entered to Thailand illegally: 43 were men, 18 were women, and including 39 beggars, 8 were men, 14 were women, 11 boys and 6 girls. The government had announced that the state security policy would improve the immigration system, by adapting new immigration […]